Founded in 2010
Fusion Health and Vitality would like to invite you to resale our expanding line of products which have been tested as the most effective in the world. Becoming a valued retailer with the Fusion family of brands will allow you access to our Fusion Ionz products in addition to our PHARM ORIGINS supplements.
*This offer excludes our Special Reserve products which, at present, are NOT available for resale.
Big Box Buying Power.
Once you've become a retailer with Fusion Health and Vitality, you'll recognize our commitment to small retail business. We've simplified and optimized our program by:
  •  Cutting out the distributor and giving you lowest possible pricing.
  •  Allowing you to purchase with low minimums.
  •  Providing buying power as if you were spending tens of thousands on product supply.
Often times, small business requires small minimums when getting started. We understand the importance of cash flow, which is why we offer purchases in small increments(as low as six units per item).
Order With Ease.
Ordering has never been easier.

As a retailer, all one needs to do is simply order from any mobile or web device using the link exclusively provided to you.

You no longer need to deal with the arduous task of getting in touch with a sales representative to receive the product you need.

That having been said, we have employees dedicated to care for any special issues you might have.
We understand the need for a quick, responsive and simplified ordering system. A web based solution allows you to take control of your ordering and inventory supply.
Lightning Fast Shipping.
We want to rush to get you up and running quickly.

Lead times for shipping can derail your business. Knowing this, we provide "next day" shipping for all orders. Most orders leave within one business day of order placement.

To top that off, we also provide FREE shipping within the United States.

So, not only do you get next day shipping, but within the U.S., you get it FREE!

That's quite a deal any way you look at it.
Get Approved.
To further assist becoming a retailer, we decided to create a simple online form that one can fill out, which will expedite your approval process and can be found on the next page.

Once completed, our team here at FHV will work quickly to approve your status as a retailer.

As soon as you're approved, you can begin your journey with the Fusion family of brands!

We look forward to your partnership and wish you good health!

Fusion Health and Vitality @ 2017 - World Leader in Health